Energy technologies in civil engineering and architecture (ETCEA)

Requirements / Target group


Time and place

Mon, 13:30 – 15:10 Uhr S306/053

Procedure / Dates

Lecture – Building Level

Fundamentals and Theory

16.10.2022 Kick-Off lecture + semester assignment

Prof. Knaack, M.Sc.Kirschstein, M.Sc. Reber

23.10.2022 Basics of sustainable building and construction

Prof. Kuhn

30.10.2022 Building physics requirements

Prof. Koenders

06.11.2022 Useful energy demand – causes / reduction

M.Sc. Grüneberg, M.Sc. Lochmann, M.Sc. Reber,

13.11.2022 Final and primary energy demand – causes / reduction

M.Sc. Kirschstein, M.Sc. Reber


20.11.2022 Energy-plus houses

Prof. Tichelmann, M.Sc. Grüneberg

27.11.23 Autochtonous construction

Prof. Kuhn

04.12.2022 Experimental houses and prototypes

Prof. Joppien

11.12.2022 Building envelope and technical building equipment

Prof. Knaack, M.Sc. Schaffarczyk, M.Sc. Xue

18.12.2023 Interim presentation of semester assignment

Lecture – District and Town

Fundamentals and theory

08.01.2024 Sustainable urban planning

Prof. Rudolph-Cleff

15.01.2024 Energy-efficient settlement concepts

M.Sc. Reber, M.Sc. Kirschstein

22.01.2043 Political and social conditions

Prof. Rohde

30.01.24 Submission of the semester assignment


29.01.2024 Case studies I

M.Sc. Kirschstein, M.Sc. Gappisch

05.02.2023 case studies II

Dr. Müller

11.03.2024 Written exam